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BIG NEWS!! We’re offering a subscription box at Dixon + Dunn! Hit us up on the Dixon & Co page if you’re interested in signing up! ...

Exciting News time. . For those of you that guessed any idea to deal with events/weddings/venues ect. Head over to my Master UnPlanned page and keep an eye there because we’ll have some pretty cool news there soon!!! 🌿 . For those of you that guessed baby/pregnancy ect.. talk to Clark Dixon. 😂👶 . Now, for the good stuff. We’ve divided up our exciting news into two parts. We’ll be releasing more, equally as awesome,news next week that is pretty close to what some of you guessed!!! SO stay tuned 😬 . For today.. We had ONE PERSON guess correctly… Tammy Cofield is the winner winner!! We are releasing a box subscription available to you starting the first of May!! 📦Inside your box you will receive 3-4 items each month. One will ALWAYS be one of our super awesome, super comfy, super trendy, can’t beat ‘em shirts!! They’ll always be coordinated with season and or holidays of the month. The remaining items will be a surprising mixture of items that we make and pick just for you. For example: hats, mugs, hand-lettered prints, lots of “gift” options. We’ll also be collaborating with other vendors local to us to get some of their pieces in your boxes as well. For example: handmade jewelry, hand-stamped jewelry, handmade soaps, lotions, and so much more. . The boxes will be $29.99 per month. No obligations, you cancel at anytime. For anyone who signs up before the first month, you’ll receive 10% off for a year!! Below is an example of some of the items you could find in your box. Of course, they’ll change + be super awesome each month!!!!!! 🌵 . The link to order on our site will be available soon, but for today comment or message to reserve your box!

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Keep up with Dixon + Dunn T-shirts here! And yeah! Exciting news on Friday! ...

We have some really E X C I T I N G news to share with you, coming this FRIDAY! . I would 💙 to have 2000 followers when we share it... so please, share our page with your friends! ALSO👇👇👇 . The first person to guess correctly what the exciting news is in the comments below- WINS something really awesome!! (I can’t tell you what, but you’ll love it!! )

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Bama Graphics shared Impact Realty's post. ...

Tune in tomorrow at 12:30 for a very special “live” with the girls. #jodiandbobbielive #makinganimpact

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